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The Japanese Kigurumi Onesies are the original and the best that you can buy in Australia and New Zealand

Onesies are so comfortable, they make a great outfit to lounge around in or show off in public. ‘Kigurumi’ is the Japanese word for these amazing outfits – it roughly translates to ‘wear a soft toy’, which hints at just how cute and cosy these suits really are! Known as kigus for short, all these animal and character onesies are made of high quality materials which are machine washable, hard wearing and guaranteed to last.

There are such a wide range of designs out there and few physical stores. So want to know where to buy onesie in Australia? The best place is from Kigu Zoo’s onesie online shop. We specialise in adult onesies and kids onesies. Delivered all across Australia, NZ and even internationally,  we stock the original kigurumi onesie range. We also have a store dedicated to onesies in Melbourne.

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